Whoops there goes a quarter

Well I blogged back at the beginning of the year and intend to blog much more this year, what happened to those three months???

Not much gaming for most of it is the answer.  The first half term of this calendar year passed with no games as I was far too busy running “Geek” club and off to the National Lego League Finals.  Half term came and went and then good news, not enough Geeks for the rest of the year.  I have managed to play three games since then, Mercs, Freebooters Fate and Flames of War: Vietnam.  Quickly then I will summarise the three games:

Mercs – Wow what a quick game to pick up and learn, two games against Abhi on a Friday night (can’t remember which) and I was away with the game.  You can only play with 5 miniatures a-side although there are several more to select from each faction.  The unit stat cards also act as your movement card and tape measures are not needed.  I love the game, but must resist it.

Freebooter’s Fate – Pick this up at Salute with Darryl last year, unfortunately my Amazons are still in their box and unassembled.  Paul offered a three way game of this and Darryl and myself teamed up against Paul.  A nice little game with a lot of intricate tricks, but fun.  The card deck usage rather than dice is a nice touch and the cards used for combat provide the game with a mindgame on the side.  What’s Paul going to pick this time!

Flames of War: Vietnam – Well it’s Flames of War in ‘Nam with helicopters, what’s not to like.  I had picked the rules up free with an issue of Wargames Illustrated a while back and I even have some figures, but not a full company yet.  Paul sorted out some Vietcong and gave me the Black Horse Company, I had been building, to play.  Unfortunately we messed up the reinforcement rules and Paul got nothing until turn 5, when we were reminded that we’d messed up.  We rolled back a turn and I watched Paul’s Vietcong come swarming out of the jungle, whilst my ACAVs returned a massive amount of firepower to hold them off.  A lucky win for me!