3 Rants

Ok so here I am blogging away again.  I have three things I want to moan about and all came about from a trip to London yesterday.  Matt sums the whole lot up in the telegraph for me as well:

Matt Cartoon

Rant 1: We go to London by train yesterday and I admit we elected to take the High Speed Train (35 minutes to London, rather than well over an hour), however the return ticket, including underground for two adults cost us over £140.  What the heck is that about?  Mind you it wasn’t helped by the ridiculousness of classing a 09:13 train from Ashford as a peak-time train, don’t most offices open at 9am still?  Gald I don’t commute into London regularly.  Next time we go we’ll drive to Croydon and catch the trains from there, what a great way to push public transport.

Rant 2: So whilst in London we take in the Science Musuem (no moans there great place), we also go to Hamleys.  Whilst in Hamleys we spot the Chuggington Wooden trains, we hadn’t seen them before so we bought Hodge (£14) and the Rescue Cart set (£16).  We get back home and I look up the rest of the set on the Tomy site (UK distributors of Thomas and Chuggington Wooden trains) to find that Hodge was available from them for £7.99, nearly half the price of Hamleys.  That’s the last time I even think about going into Hamleys.

Rant 3: All linked in here I promise.  So we get Hodge home and realise that whilst he is compatible with the track (same gauge effectively) he’s slightly bigger than Thomas, Big Jigs and Brio (plus other bits from Mothercare and Toys ‘r’ Us).  This means that he doesn’t fit through the Brio tunnel, nor the Toy ‘r’ Us tunnel.  Why can’t the maker user the same size for Thomas and Chuggington (they’re produced by the same firm), guess they don’t want you mixing the trains as Chuggington is slightly cheaper than Thomas?