Back to blogging

So back to writing my blog, it’s been a long time since I last updated this.  My last post was on May 5th 2012, well at least it was this year.  What has happened since I hear you ask, well it’s a long story, but the short of it is that some of the lads I was teaching at NKS found my twitter feed and then posted some silly comments on this blog – hence I made it private but then lost the desire to blog away.  Since then I have moved to a new school, and blocked this from posting to my twitter feed.

My four resolutions from the New Year were:

1) to keep a record of games played – failed due to stopping blogging.

2) Painting figures – well I’ve completed all the tanks for my 8th Army, so I’m moving forward on this one.

3) Loose weight – maybe.

4) Leave NKS – completed.

Games wise I’ve played more Flames of War with some wins and a few draws, many lost matches though.  We went to Legion and Broadsides with the Tomorrow’s War scenario that Paul wrote and we put together the armies for.

Other things of note, I’m writing this on the new Microsoft Surface RT, touch type keyboard, which is a little strange to type on, but not too bad.  I’m enjoying the surface at the moment, as is Jonathan (with the piano app one of his favourites).

Anyway more posts now that I’m back up and blogging.