4th May 2012

Star Wars day.

And finally I take up a game that doesn’t rely on d6, and I defeat my opponent.  A great game, thanks to Paul for being such a great opponent and to David and Joseph for the heckling from the sidelines.  Tomorrow’s War is a completely different kind of game to our normal fair and to be honest is one of the easiest games I’ve tried to pick up in a long time.  Great quick action with simple rules when it comes to dicing.  I haven’t looked at the setup yet, but I suspect that is the more complex part of the game.

Location: Nicholson’s place

Opponent: Paul

Game: Tomorrow’s War

Fielded Commonwealth Infantry Company.

Highlight – The APC (mine) and the Light Grav Tank shooting at each other and immobilising each other, then spending the next couple of turns trying to take pot shots at each other.

Unit of the match: My one APC which engaged two Light Grav tanks took both of them out and then was abandoned by the crew as they couldn’t drive it off the table to ensure the win was mine!

Result: VICTORY!!!!!


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