March 30th and April 6th

No gaming again – different reasons though this time.
March 30th – I got up and varnished another 11 Capitol troops with the anticipation of taking them to game with that evening. Unfortunately as the last day of the term progressed my health went down hill. In the end I stayed at home and nursed by stomach.
April 6th – Good Friday and no location available for gaming an early night.

Two weeks without gaming has resulted in 11 figures varnished and in the bag and now some new terrain has hit the painting table. Given that Broadsides is fast approaching and Paul and myself are running a demo Sci-Fi game we need some new Sci-Fi terrain. I have put together a couple of pieces using the Hirst Arts Pipe mold that I bought a few months back a nice and simple way to make Sci-Fi/modern looking terrain. Pictures will follow when I have painted them.
The Gaming future – April looks to be a wash-out, 13th April I’m in Holland visiting Kim’s family, 20th April is the day before Salute and Kim is out on a course so time to prepare for the mecca of wargaming in the UK.

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