9th March 2012

A slight uplift in my fortunes this week as I tackled yet another German World War 2 army.

Location: Nicholson’s place

Opponent: Darryl

Game: Flames of War

Fielded a British Rifle Company in Italy from Fortress Europe:

  • Company HQ with jeep
  • 2 Rifle Platoons one with 3 Squads one with 2 sqauds
  • 1 Armoured Platoon of 3 Shermans
  • 1 Anti-tank Platoon, Royal Artillery with 2 17 pounders and Quads
  • 1 Machine gun platoon with 2 guns, carriers and a PIAT team
  • 1 Heavy Mortar platoon with 2 mortars and carriers

Highlight – The second rifle platoon arrives from reserves, shoots at the German Kampfgroup near the edge of the board and then assaults them routing the Germans further into the woods.  The return on the following turn however was not so pretty.

Unit of the match: The larger rifle platoon who got stuck on the opposite side of the board, due to the deployment rules and then spent the entire game closing with the German Heavy Mortars and refusing to fail a motivation test at the end of the game.

Result: A draw (just about and Darryl see it differently, on reflection he’s probably right.)


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