16th March 2012

My Annus Horribilis has continued this week with yet another battle and yet another loss.  I’m thinking of grinding my dice up and get some new ones, although maybe it is my fault tactics what are those.  I’ll give John one here he actually played a tactical game and pulled me all over the place giving him the upper hand with each shooting step.  Some good dice from John and some poor dice from me.

Location: Nicholson’s place

Opponent: John

Game: Flames of War

Fielded a British Rifle Company in Italy from Fortress Europe:

  • Company HQ with jeep
  • 2 Rifle Platoons one with 3 Squads one with 2 sqauds
  • 1 Armoured Platoon of 3 Shermans
  • 1 Anti-tank Platoon, Royal Artillery with 2 17 pounders and Quads
  • 1 Machine gun platoon with 2 guns, carriers and a PIAT team
  • 1 Heavy Mortar platoon with 2 mortars and carriers

Highlight – I actually can’t think of one here.

Unit of the match: Well I’ll give this one to my opponent, John played a masterful game and his tanks did him proud as they pulled my Anti-tank guns and Sherman around limiting there effectiveness.  I love the Russian ability to put out really massive numbers of tanks.

Result: Another loss this time by a countrymile.


One comment

  1. Dave, thanks for assuming I was using the “T” word in this game. I got flukey with some Jan like dice. Whatever the outcome, it was great to meet on the gaming table after such a long break.:-)

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