13th January 2012

Firday 13th doesn’t sound lucky for most and certainly wasn’t lucky for my army tonight.  I forgot to point out that I lost last week, and I’ve lost again this week so not a good start to the year for me.

Location: Woolf College, University of Kent

Opponent: Darryl

Game: Flames of War – 1405 points

Fielded a British Rifle Company in Italy, from the Fortress Europe Book (1500 points):

  • Company HQ (Rifle Company HQ)
  • 2 Rifle Platoons of 3 Sections each
  • Armoured Platoon (3 Shermans)
  • Tank Platoon (3 Churchill IV NA75)
  • Machine-gun Platoon (1 Section)
  • Anti-Tank Platoon (upgraded to 17 pounders)
  • Priority Air Support

Highlight – Watching my opponent keep rolling for reserves (a total of 10 dice) and not getting any, it made me laugh a lot.

Unit of the match: Darryl’s Fallschirmjager who spent the entire game dug in round a farmhouse and rained destruction on the British army that tried to force them out.


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