New Year

Well the New Year is approaching quicker than a Cryxian Warjack on a battlefield. So I wish everyone who pops by a Happy New Year and hope you all get some more gaming in. At this time of year people tend to make resolutions (you know the type of things that people think they will do in the Year ahead and then fail inside two months. The Gyms make good use of this by offering three months for the price of two etc, knowing full well that the majority of people will never be seen again. So I’ll be skipping the gym in my resolutions, so here we are 4 resolutions this year (hope I can keep some of them).

1) Keep a record of the games that I play and against who I play them. I did a good job of this two years ago, but failed miserably last year. Still a New Year and new gaming opportunities arise.

2) Finish off all those figures that are half painted. I’ve no idea how many figrues I’ve started to paint and then moved in as Paul introduces me to a new game leaving the figure half of less done. So I’m going to start by clearing the figures and terrain that are part done in my office/study and then start going through the bags. This could take a while so I will try and keep this blog updated.

3) Ok so the usual suspects start here, loose some weight (of course as a Physicsist I should say Mass but half of the people out there wouldn’t understand me.

4) Keep looking for a new job, I need to move on I’ve been at NKS 10 years or so and although the job is generally still good it’s not what I signed up for 10+ years ago. This is probably the easiest one to keep as I don’t swear to do anything other than look.

Anyhow here comes 2012!


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