End of Shed Gaming for 2010

Well tonight was the last visit to the Nicholsons and resulted in a board game or two going on and no wargaming, that’s two shed nights running!

My record for the last year at the shed stands as follows:

Played: 20

Won: 7

Lost: 11

Draw: 2

I played Paul a grand total of 11 times winning 5 games and drawing 2.  I managed to play 10 different game systems from Warmachine to Warhammer 40K.

Well here to another year of great games in the Shed!  Thanks for letting us in John!


One comment

  1. As a contrast to Dave’s figures I’ve played 53 games during the year from 15 different systems. I don’t keep stats for who I played or how I did so no help there. But all that gaming would definitely not be possible without shedmeister John!

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