Today’s work

So Kim gave me a whole day (well what there was left of it around getting up late etc..) to assembly some figures I have completed 76 figures from a variety of games (about 10). So lets see who can name all the games/manufacturer (and more challenging for Paul the miniatures!)  good luck all.

One comment

  1. Well I can see:
    Uruk hai pikemen
    The Traveller (Wargods participation figure)
    Medic (Dark Age)
    Wendigo Shaman
    Viridian Shocktrooper?
    Samurai Cavalry (Dixons?)
    Spartan Hero (Wargods)
    Goblins (Firefight)
    Flintloque wild west figures?

    Some of the others the contrast is not good enough to see them clearly 😦

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