Sphere Wars

So our first games of Sphere Wars took place last night, the first game we tried to use the rulebook, well the bit that has been translated into English.  Two armies on the field and confusion rains.  We were using the nice colour flyer booklet given out at salute for the stats and the rulebook to tell us what each number meant, low and behold the two don’t match!  It seems that in the colour booklet the CON numbers for Mundane and Arcane are in that order, yet the rulebook has reversed them.  I’m sure that it would have been much easier to have a single number and then a trait to provide a bonus to one or the other.

Without the faction specific stuff it become difficult to field anything beyond the base started box, which we used in the second game alongside the rules in the flyer.  Much simpler as a number of the more complex rules are missed out.

Having complained above I have to say that the game flowed excellently and we fitted two games into 1.5 hours which considering it was our first games was pretty good.  The figures are well modelled and deserve a rulebook to be used with so someone please get on and translate Sphere Wars into English, I speak no Spanish but am happy to help out with dealing with the poor English translation of some of the stuff….


One comment

  1. I agree with Dave, the figures are lovely, the background seems detailed (but impenatrable if you do not speak spanish) and the basic rules flow well. It would be nice if someone got on with sorting out an English translation, even a basic one which could be put out and proof read / corrected by the english speaking players would be great.

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