Final Standings 27th March

Ok so with two people on 4 Wins we probably should have had another round, but time is a problem so as normal we split on Control Points scored and then on Points lost during play.  The final standings were:

  1. Dom (Khador)
  2. Steve (Circle)
  3. Mike (Khador)
  4. Conrad (Cygnar)
  5. Andy (Menoth)
  6. Aaron (Cryx)
  7. Nick (Khador)
  8. Kevin (Khador)
  9. John W (Cryx)
  10. Adam (Cygnar)
  11. Henry (Cygnar)
  12. John S (Skorne)
  13. Phil M (Trollblood)
  14. Bruno (Trollblood)
  15. Phil G (Menoth)
  16. John F (Mercenary – Rhul)
  17. James (Cygnar)
  18. Paul (Menoth)

So as normal the locals show their strength and hold everyone else up…

The certificates went as follows:

Tournament winner, top Warmachine and top Khador: Dom

Top Hordes and top Circle: Steve

Top Cygnar: Conrad

Top Menoth: Andy

Top Cryx: Aaron

Top Mercenary & Best Painted Army: John F

Top Skorne: John S

Top Troll: Phil M


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