Well the massive 2250 point Armageddon tournament has been and gone and I didn’t even get to play.  Operation Orboros was a failure in terms of it’s deadline, but I could at least fall back on my massive bag of Khadoran figures and build my choice of army.  Unfortunately only 4 people bothered to turn up, even with a number of armies on offer.  Still the two big battle were fought hard and in the end the Cryxian army of Lichlord Darryl won the day having killed one ‘caster and one ‘lock from the Skorne army led by Tyrant Martyn.  The other battle saw the Exemplar Richard with his Menoth horde just about edge out Fellcaller Paul and his mass of Trolls.  After almost six hours of play only 4 turns were duelled out.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming up and playing and hope that more people will get enough figures painted in order for them to turn up again, or at least take up the offer of a spare army!  Paul did ask if their was an award for the best painted, but on the ground that 90+% of the figures were painted by Paul I declined to award it.

So now on to Armageddon 2010, I promise to have at least one new army to play with I just hope that someone shows up to play against!


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