Buying Paints.

Normally I avoid going into Games Workshop to purchase paints, however I knew I was short on Dwarf Bronze and some of my greys have started to dry up (really need to use them more often).  So I went in on Saturday to GW in Canterbury and as we went in I said to Kim “I’ll ask what I’m painting at the moment.”  I pick up the paints go to the counter and the first words out of his mouth is “So what are you painting at the moment?”  Well the answer Wolves of Orboros leave the guy stumped and the responce “Never heard of them.”  I state that they are for “Hordes” gives the responce “So do you play any of our games.”  To which I state “I’ve moved on.”  The look on his face was priceless and well worth the pain of going in there.  Still on with the painting!


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