Uncharted Sea

So I got into 2 games of Uncharted Seas in the shed tonight, one against the Orks and the other against the Elves.  The Ork game was looking close to start with and then the luck of the dice swung to my Ork opponent who happily creamed my Dwarf fleet.  I conceeded the game with a damaged Battleship and an undamaged Cruiser against 1 Battleship, 1 Cruiser and 5 Frigates, all of which were in boarding range!  The game against the Elves only lasted three turns due to time constraints.  I tried to maneuver around an Island and get upwind of the Elves, unfortunately they move way to fast for that, however sailing into the broadside of a Battleship is not the best idea even for the Elves.  The game finished with 2 Cruisers sunk by each side and 1 frigate sunk by the Elves, leaving the Elves up one side.  I’m sure things would have changed in the next turn.

Uncharted Seas is a a great game which runs really fast, if you haven’t looked at it go visit the site at Spartan Games.


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