Painting commenced

Well a little delay over the weekend whilst I went away to the annual Standardisation meeting for OCR.  However over the weekend I did start to put some paint onto my models.  12 Wolves of Orboros hit the painting board and I start with their cloaks.

The cloak is fur trimmed and so given that drybrushing is a messy art I decided to start there.  A grey base for the cloak and fur and then a dry brush of a lighter shade of grey and then white to top it off.  I have managed to move onto the leather, and the armour is next.  Whilst this unit painting tends to get the figures painted and off the board together and hence is susposed to be quicker I really hate seeing so many figures looking at me at once.

2 of the Reeves of Orboros
2 of the Reeves of Orboros


One other good thing to add to all; this my package arrived from the States, a painted unit of Reeves of Orboros, I don’t know why but I had thought it was 6 figures, turns out to be a unit of 8!  They look quite good, although some of the static grass has stuck to the figure as well as the base, which suggests the grass was put on whilst the figure was wet.

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