Silly Figures

I haven’t posted for a while as Operation Orboros has taken a bit of a back seat this week to work!  Anyhow I have sat down tonight to get on with the construction, only 3 figures left when I started.

Having put together a number of figure I decided that the most ridculous to put together came down to two different figures for two very different reasons.

War Wolf
War Wolf

The War Wolf gets a nomination as I couldn’t see how the heck it was going to stand up, I hope this is going to look OK in the end.  The tree stump is from the Hirst Arts mold that we have.

Epic Kaya
Epic Kaya

Epic Kaya gets nominated for the silly little part that had to be included in a bag in the blister.  The little bit of metal on the wooden board to the right of Kaya’s base is her right hand!  Why wasn’t that cast on, I can’t see a reason for it being separate.

In conclusion I think the winner is eKaya.  Ok here is a poll for your votes!


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