Time to start undercoating – a couple of figures left to assemble but nothing too bad, so given the sun was shining I thought I’d start to undercoat the large number of troops that I have to paint.  I swapped the Battle Hive over with a couple of smaller figure boxes (must keep Kim happy) and started to reach out the figures that need doing.  That’s when things started to go wrong….

First off I remembered that Morvanha and the Pureblood has been assembled but not stuck to their bases (not too bad), secondly I really need to do something about the glue on the board (the trays are all pick and pluck) and then to top it off the blasted grey primer I was using ran out, I think I got a good coverage on the Wolves.  I guess the rest of the army will be undercoated in something else, I have green Army Builder undercoat which might do.

Just to bounce back from that lot though I found an assembled and undercoated Woldwyrd in the bottom tray so that’s one less figure to assemble.  I’m down to four figures to assemble now, don’t ask how many need painting though.


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