Armaggeddon Listing

OK I’ll apply a brain to organise my time, really I will.  So I loaded up Tabletop Commander and realised that I had planned this army out at one point, unfortunately after getting back on Wednesday and deciding that I need to build some figures I went off plan (typical!).  Back to the drawing board then!  So here is the army list that I plan on building (the first one is still available if I change my mind, but it relies on figures that are hopefully one their way to Sri Lanka!)


  • Baldur the Stonecleaver (Thankfully he’s painted)
  • Krueger the Stormwrath (Painted as well)
  • Morvahna the Autumblade (Choosen as she represent one model, compared to Kromac’s two!)
  • Epic Kaya the Moonhunter (Had to get an epic ‘lock in somewhere)


  • Laris (comes with eKaya!)
  • Argus x4 (Thankfully already painted!)
  • Gorax (assembled)
  • Wolrdwatchers x2 (finished assmebling them yesterday)
  • Wolrdwyrd
  • Gnarlhorn Satyr (assmembled him on Thursday)
  • Pureblood Warpwolf (already assembled)
  • Warpwolf (already painted)
  • Woldwarden (already painted)


  • Blackclad Wayfarer x2 (assembled, one is actually an IK figure)
  • Lord of the Feast
  • Sentry Stones & 3 Manikins (assmebled on Thursday)
  • War Wolf


  • Reeves of Orboros x10 (assembled)
  • Reeves of Orboros x6 (Just won these last night on ebay, already painted and assmbled just awaiting shipping from the USA!)
  • Shifting Stones (painted)
  • Tharn Wolf Riders (assembled)
  • Wolves of Orboros x10 (assembled by Paul)
  • Wolves of Orboros Officer and Totem Bearer (assembled yesterday)


  • Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter (painted)
  • Feralgeist (assembled yesterday)
  • Gudrun the Wanderer (assembled Thursday)
  • Saxon Orrik (assembled Wednesday)
  • Totem Hunter (painted)
  • Bog Trog Ambushers x10 (painted – Sri Lanka)
  • Farrow Bone Grinders x6 (assembled Thursday)
  • Farrow Brigands x6 (assembled)
  • Gatorman Posse x5 (painted – Sri Lanka)
  • Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew (painted)

Well thats 2,245 points and 93 models, most of which still require painting!!!


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