Warmachine Tonight

Well I had a game of Warmachine against Paul tonight using the Mark 2 rules.  An interesting little battle took place.

We set up a 25 point battle under the new system, I selected the Coven as my ‘caster whilst Paul took Fiona the Black.  Looking back at the old points system are two armies were roughly balanced, although I hadn’t spent all my points.  Paul took the game thanks to my poor dice rolling and Whiplash, the odds say that 3 dice should produce 10.5, I needed 9 to hit and unfortunately failed twice leaving the Coven with 5 health between them, at which point I conceded the game.

Points to note – the basic rules of Warmachine haven’t changed too much between Version 1 and Version 2, however the cards have.  The Coven’s perfect conjunction now also reduces the cost of spells by 1 point as well as automatically boosting everything.  Learn your icons as well.


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